Night Guards

Life can be very stressful!! There seems to be an epidemic of people who are clenching and grinding their teeth at night and during the day. The symptoms you may experience are: morning headaches; a sensation of tightness at the sides of your face on wakening; muscle pain , weakness or the need to release muscle tension on wakening. The sound of someone clenching or grinding is very distinctive and annoying to anyone trying to sleep within earshot! Teeth can be seriously damaged from clenching and grinding. The forces that can be produced by clenching and grinding are huge. These forces can cause teeth to fracture; severe painful muscle spasms and significant tooth wear. A nightguard can alleviate these symptoms by significantly minimizing the forces that can be produced. A tight fitting custom guard is fabricated to snugly fit over your top or bottom teeth. This prevents tooth wear and reduces the muscle force generated.

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