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My husband and I moved back to Canada from Scotland in 2003 deciding that Canada offered more opportunities for our family. We looked at many small towns and decided Milton was the ideal location for our home and my new dental practice.

Our chosen location for the dental practice was the old” Optimist Centre”. The day we were interviewing contractors was the day after the 2003 Blackout. A local contractor was the only person who showed up and on time. It was clear keeping our business local was the ideal solution.

Early in the renovation I entered into my newly leased premises and found piles of dirt everywhere; they were laying the electrical and water conduits. I wondered if I could ever transform this into my vision of a family dental practice!

Eventually, as the new walls were painted my carefully chosen colours and all the dental equipment was installed my vision was realized. My first day of practice was November 19th 2003. There were three patients booked and I was thrilled!

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Every Visit Discussion

  • Sugars, diet and cavities
  • Fluoride needs in water, toothpaste and supplements
  • Techniques to effectively brush and floss a child's teeth

Expectant Mothers Alert

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums during your pregnancy is an important set in preventing the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. Book an Oral health assessment to find out if you are at risk.

Protect Your baby

New Guidelines call for a " First Exam by First Birthday" to prevent the onset of early childhood dental caries. On your visit , we will provide you with preventative care information for you and your baby.

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